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Any parent knows the headaches that can occur while traveling with the kids. From bathroom breaks every 30 minutes to sibling rivalry flare-ups; bringing the children on a road trip can really test the patience of even a saint. However, with a little advanced planning and some easy family travel tips, many of these travel pains can be minimized.One of the most important family travel tips is to simply relax. Nothing ever goes completely as planned when on a trip, and bringing the kids only adds additional stress when things go awry. Even seemingly benign set backs can cause major outbreaks of crying and screaming from tired, road-weary children. And because children naturally look to their parents when gauging the seriousness of a given situation, if you’re exhibiting signs of stress, this will inevitably be magnified by the children.For a child, nothing makes a car ride seem longer than having nothing to do but look out the window. And if you’re a parent, nothing makes a trip seem longer than a bored and unruly child. This being the case it is vital to bring a variety of entertainment when traveling with small children. Books, games, DVD’s, and anything else that can be used as a distraction will make a long road trip go by much faster for both the parent and the child.An often overlooked aspect of family travel tips is choosing the right time to do your traveling. When possible, traveling at night is often the best idea, as most children will simply fall asleep within a short period of time on the road. If you must travel during the day, arranging your travel time around regularly scheduled naps is an excellent idea as it can provide at least a few hours of quiet while driving.Ensuring you have plenty of time to travel is also very important. Having the time to be able to make regular stops along the way not only helps break up the monotony of driving, but it also allows children a chance to move around and burn off some energy. And with any luck, by following these family travel tips, your next vacation will be a great experience for the whole family.

Travel Tips in Belize: Things to Keep in Mind – Travel Tips

When travelling to Belize you may or may not require a visa to enter the country depending on your own location. Those people travelling to Belize from the UK, USA, European Union countries, and many of the Caribbean islands can enter the country freely. People from other countries may have to check their own situation but most others need a visa which is valid for one month although extensions are available.While you can follow general common sense travel tips which can be applied to countries around the world, there are some tips and bits of advice that should be adhered to within Belize itself.Although you can spend a fair amount of your time on one of the secluded beaches you should not wear your beach clothes in and around towns or cities. It is looked upon as being more disrespectful by some and you should dress casually when in this area. Due to Belize being more relaxed you only really require one outfit for more formal types of places but this really may never be used.You should keep in mind that your sense of time can be completely different to the sense or awareness of time in Belize. It is much more laid back and punctuality is not high on the agenda so you have to plan accordingly and try to not get annoyed and be impatient. This is the way of things across the country and something you have to get used to so as things do ultimately get done. Losing your temper or trying to force an issue can make them put their shutters up and you shall get nowhere.When leaving the country you have to pay a tax. This should have been included in your ticket but it is important to check this when you book to avoid getting a rather nasty surprise and a demand for more money.On health issues there are no real differences from other countries in Central America in regards to possible diseases. The main thing is to protect yourself against malaria so you have to remember to bring your tablets and repellent. Apart from that your only other real problem can be due to something you eat so common sense should be applied to lessen those chances.In regards to cash in Belize you should make sure you have enough with you either in actual money or travelers checks. You may find it difficult to get money from cash machines in cities due to a general reluctance to accept foreign cards. If you run into difficulties then you can get money wired to you via different companies and pick up locations can be found online when you are in Belize. Belize is a relatively cheap country to travel around in and some research beforehand can let you judge just how much money you actually require and avoid this type of situation from ever happening.These are just a few tips which you should take into consideration for your trip to Belize as they should hopefully make your trip there a lot more comfortable.